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How Power Stays Würk

Q: How does it work?
A: Place the Power Stays™ into your shirt’s collar stay pockets and place the super-strong magnets on the inside of the shirt… It’s that easy!
Q: I don't get it. . . Where does the magnets go?
A: The magnets act like hidden buttons which go on the underside of the shirt. Between the underside of your shirt and your skin. This means all you "button down" collar guys can finally wear your straight collar shirts and button them down too!
Q: How strong are your magnets?
A: These are not your ordinary refrigerator magnets. Our magnets are the strongest magnets on earth. You never have to worry about the magnet just falling off.
Q: Will the magnets affect my computer when I wear them?
A: No. . . the magnets would have to be placed directly onto your computer, monitor, equipment, etc. to affect such items. Wearing Power Stays as suggested will give you control of your collar, not make everything go out of control.
Q: Will I feel the magnet touch my skin?
A: The magnet is drawn up to the Power Stays™. Very, very rarely do you ever feel the magnet, if ever at all. We have never had anyone complain about the magnets touching their skin. We have had some people say that they keep touching the magnet to make sure it is there. Oh. . .by the way. . . It's there!
Q: Do the collar stays rust?
A: Power Stays™ are made of a unique high-tech alloy that is corrosion resistant as well as magnetic.
Q: Can I launder Power Stays?
A: It is not the stays themselves you need to worry about, they are corrosion resistant. The magnets should be taken off for protection and safe keeping.
Q: What do you mean by fully adjustable?
A: You can position your collar to your personal desired look and maintain the spread of the collar by the use of our super-strong magnets. Enjoy the butterfly? Leave the magnets out. Like it high and tight? Pop'em in. And of course you can do everything in between.
Q: Will I make it through the airport security detector?
A: Absolutely. Power Stays™ are undetectable to the metal detector. You can catch your flight, without looking like the Flying Nun!
Q: What if my shirt does not have collar stay pockets?
A: We have developed a solution for shirts without collar stay pockets... Polo Stays!.
Q: When will Power Stays be available for polo-shirts?
A: They are available now in our online store!
Q: How do I care for the magnets?
Q: What's your return policy?
A: 30 day money back guarantee. All merchandise must be intact and unaltered to receive a full refund (excludes shipping).
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